Labelle Brush is

Smooth hair in 10 minutes!

Labelle Brush is

Safe and Easy

Why La Belle Brush?

We believe that beauty lies within and because you deserve it, Labelle offers you a unique and new experience in hair styling with an innovative technology that makes it easier for you to dry and straighten it in a shorter time and with a professional result without visiting the salons.

Advantages of La Belle Brush

Labelle Brush changed the standard for hair styling devices and introduced an innovative solution in one appliance with amazing features:

Dries, straightens, smoothes in ten minutes!

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Arwa Al-Omrani

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Najla Al-Wadani

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Arwa Alda’an

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15 Seconds

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Sorry, this entry is only available in Arabic.

أول مرة اعتمد مصفف شعر مع فرشة مرة مربح وسريع

ياسر مريشد

Sorry, this entry is only available in Arabic.

لابيل برش رائعة وخلصت شعري في ٨ دقايق 😍👍🏻 حبيتها مررررررة


Sorry, this entry is only available in Arabic.

سرعة في التوصيل👌🏻و تغليف ممتاز 🤩


We offer you a two-year warranty on the device!

Label Brush guarantees you high quality, and in case of any problems or defects in manufacturing after purchase, you can exchange or return the device according to the policy followed in this regard.

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